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Contact Copperpepper Productions by e-mailing T. Jeff Jenkins, or phoning: 503-329-8661. Here is the latest news…


Happy Labor Day Weekend! I finally got some photos of the copper sycamore tree mounted in the main hallway at Holiday Park Plaza. It will soon be surrounded by large leaves engraved with the names of Holiday Park Plaza donors.


I am currently working on a commisioned donor commemorative sculpture for Holladay Park Plaza here in town. They have a 100+ year-old Sycamore tree that is on the National Historic Tree Registry. There is a Sycamore Society in the Plaza where members join in appreciating this beloved tree. I will be creating a 3’ by 4’ wide copper representative sculture of the tree where Hollady Park Plaza donors will be commemorated near the main lobby.


This quick long over-due update since nearly a year ago finds that I completed handrail sets for two more neighbors last summer. Last fall I made a small representational piece for my in-laws 25th wedding anniversay on New Year’s Eve. It is of a Sandhill crane in full mating posture about 15” tall, all stainless steel. I mounted the piece by cable from the base so that it bounces up and down like during their mating dance.

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

I drove up to Port Townsend, WA to visit friends and install entry-way hand railings for the beautiful home they built themselves. I used 1-1/2” re-bar which made the 14-foot long main railing quite heavy. The half-inch re-bar connections from railings to posts add some interest and whimsey. The new owners are happy with the way the railings help complete the vision they were looking for.


I completed a garden fence to keep the neighborhood bunnies out. I used a thousand pounds of 1×1-inch welded wire-mesh including re-bar posts welded to 4-inch C-channel iron bases. These were set on redcedar garden box timbers 16’x40’ and 5’x8’ in size. Both he and she are enjoying their respective protection from the meanest, most foul rodent in the land.


I just complete a wood/metal sculpture featuring a black oak cross-section containing 30-years of growth. The tree (36” basal diameter) was cut down November, 2014 to make-way for a parking lot at the office building I’ve worked at since 1988 as a consulting forester (when the tree was about 10 years old). The piece (36”-dia x 12”-thick) contains 30 growth rings which to me represents the duration of my forestry career at Atterbury Consultants, Inc. You can see the entire process from beginning to end in my “Portfolio-Recent Work” folder.


I made a little rose trellis for our next door neighbors. They planted a pretty yellow climbing rose (lower left) that will soon occupy the space. I also designed a Trophy Kokanee Salmon. Here it is ready to be released. My friend Chris was the lucky one to catch it.

I’ve also been colaborating with an amazing artist Brenda Mallory who sculpts wax-coated fabrics into wonderful natural forms. I have been helping her by building the structures to support her forms.


Just a little update from summer. I had fun designing and building a water feature featuring an old welded-cast iron grate that turned out great (if I do say so myself). The re-bar frame holds the grate under nice-sounding dripping water falling from the copper waterbox reservoir on top supplied by pump inside the below-ground sump. The iron grate casts a nice shadow on the garage this warm summer night.

I also built a copper fireplace frontispiece for a Swedish-style cabin called The Stuga. The doors are 3/16th-inch thick copper plate (22 lbs. each!) that tightly close the fireplace.


Finally, hello again. Thanks to Adam, my website is back up in flying colors. More to come…


Wow, time flies when you are having fun! Happy New Year, Ground Hogs Day, Valentines Day, and soon to welcome the Lion’s weather of March. I continue working on small but important jobs for the house and friends. Here is a hanging dish rack that drains into the sink. I look forward to updating the website this year.

Ah, the dog days of summer—8/17/2013

I’ve been steadily busy in the studio filling commissions so far this year. My wife ordered some cattails for the front porch. I then completed a wild native John Day River steelhead which sets well in a friends living room. I finally completed a copper Great Blue Heron which adorns a beautiful Portland back yard. I also helped some friends retro-fit copper panels into their serving table at Stone Barn Brandy Works distillery here in Portland. The table has a nice grape cluster accent on one of its copper panels.

Oh yeah, Springbox Gallery just sold my stainless steel analemma marker they had been showing for the last six years. We just installed it at the French restaurant Noisette over the front door.

Happy New Year 2013!

Well, 2012 is finally the year that was, and with good riddance. It tested both my mettle, and my metal. Last January, about nine years after bone cancer surgery, the composite allograft endoprosthetic in my left leg failed. Surgery at OHSU last April replaced the combination cadaver-bone-and-titanium prosthetic with an all-titanium one. My leg ended up about an inch shorter, which necessitated thicker-soled left shoes. My rehabilitation was slow as my fibula fractured from supporting more of my weight due to the shorter knee/tibia implant. Late last August, a severe infection developed which compromised the bone-prosthetic interface. Around Labor Day, this second internal knee/tibia prosthetic failed, sending me back to OHSU for a third titanium endoprosthetic.

Surgery this time produced a much closer anatomical fit, and after two months of IV antibiotics I am nearly back to where I was a year ago, happily working in my studio with great enthusiasm. 2013 is starting out to be a very good year!


I just completed a stainless steel dish rack for a friend. It has a detachable free-standing silverware tray for easy delivery of clean forks and spoons back into the drawer. The rack also detaches from the drain pan for cleaning in the dishwasher.


Happy New Year! I had the pleasure of floating and fishing four days on the John Day River the end of November for native steelhead. Here is one of my favorite catches. I rendered this 2-Salt buck in 16-gauge #316 stainless steel for my sisters Christmas present.


Happy Thanksgiving! I just saw my latest work installed in a SE Portland neighborhood. This low decorative fence does a good job of separating the landscaping from the sidewalk.


I recently built and installed stair railings and a bicycle stand with the help of my wife and Clyde. The Chinook salmon bike stand provides a convenient place to lock bikes to for day-time visitors.


Last weekend my wife helped me installed a driveway gate that I had fun making for a friend. Our friend provided the three floral patterns around which I composed the gate.


I recently completed my third great blue heron which is currently installed and available at Springbox Gallery in NW Portland.


I completed my second great blue heron out of a piece of old logging cable for the neck and recycled re-bar for the body.


I finished a little hat/coat rack that will conveniently fit in any room.


I prepared the big pecker for its spring migration to South Carolina. The happy new owner and the pileated woodpecker were a perfect match. It’s nice to know the bird has found a good new home. The woodpecker enjoys the full moon and always keeps a close eye on the house.


I just installed the big pileated woodpecker at Springbox Gallery today. I am happy with the way it looks. It casts a nice shadow. Springbox Gallery is a great space to show the 6-foot tall bird.


I finally completed the 6-foot tall pileated woodpecker. I used stainless steel wire mesh to feather him. I decided to give him a heart. Now all I need is to build attachment points on the two top claws so he can hang on the side of a house.


I enjoyed today in the studio as I completed the full extent of the pileated woodpecker that will be migrating soon. The front is nearly complete, while the back remains to be.


Wow, January is almost over! I continue to make progress on what is now being referred to as: My big Copperpepper cocked-head pecker. It is taking on a life life of it’s own. Soon it will have the wings to fly.


Happy New Year! I look forward to completing a 6-foot tall pileated woodpecker early in the new year. I’m building it using stainless steel and copper with a little brass for the eyes.


The Greater Prairie Chicken I just completed will be migrating back to his home range of Nebraska soon. I really enjoyed this commissioned project. Tympanuchus cupido, or the drumming lover, is quite a distinguished bird.


I just completed the installation of a stainless steel cable railing I built from scratch. It was a challenging project to find just the right parts and materials to meet aesthetic and code requirements. Here is another view.


I finally got to see installed, the ceiling light I made for a friend, who had saved the crystals from her grandmothers chandelier. It is a fun piece that I look forward to seeing at night in lower light conditions.


I had fun this weekend making a handsome copper service tray. You can see more close-ups of the tray by going to my Portfolio.


I designed, built, and then installed this garden trellis in front of a shed in Bellevue Washington last weekend. The client’s plan is to grow either hops or scarlet-runner beans to grow up the re-bar and along the mesh. This was a challenging project for weight (200 lbs. each support) and the requirement to visually align the whole piece to match between each of the supports and the shed.


Today I installed a free-standing fireplace screen. The curve allows it to stand on its own, and hidden metal tabs on the sides hold it solidly in-place.


Last weekend I installed a ceiling light in a 100+ yearold home in Lyons, Nebraska. Here it is un-lighted. I was happy with the illuminating qualities of the bulb and the shade when I turned on the light. The whole room was filled with the fun lighting.


I am excited to install this fun ceiling light in a 100-yearold home soon.


House numbers are a simple but important addition to a house’s presentation.


I recently built and installed this fun kitchen nook ceiling light


I just completed a rack of shelves made from recycled re-bar and clear verticle-grained Douglas-fir 1 × 2“s. Here they are loaded with CD’s and magazines.


Yesterday I installed a front porch support trellis. Here are pictures of the porch before and after 1 & after 2 the installation.


Last weekend I finished the second of two planter stands to hold ceramic planters a friend made.


I had a lot of fun making and istalling this kitchen light.


Today, I installed 24 kitchen cabinet pulls in a Seattle kitchen. The client called them kitchen jewelry.


I just installed my Victrola and records on a new rolling stand. It’s party time!


I recently completed a hammered copper kitchen stove back-spash


I just installed the Happy Hanging Pot Rack. Here it is fully loaded.


I will soon be installing this hanging Pot & Pan Holder in the kitchen of friends, and now clients.


I built a mood lamp for the kitchen counter to use during those lower-light, socially intimate entertaining times.


I just completed four life-sized wall hangings in a body of work entitled Big Spirit Hair.


I just uploaded the Oregon Home Magazine article that featured our home in the Nov-Dec 2007 issue. The file can be accessed by e-mailing me at for the username and password.


I just finished building my second chopper. Check it out, it’s a Whopper!


This is a picture of my wife asking me to make her something for her birthday. Happy Birthday Flower!


I just finished building my first chopper. It is quite the BAD ride. See it being built.


With snow this morning, March is going out like a lion, too! I just completed the hammered copper sink and granite installation. See it in my Portfolio—Commissions.


March has come in like a lion. I just completed hammering out a copper bathroom sink. I get to start cutting granite tiles today!


A happy St. Valentines Day it was yesterday. Cupid struck as I completed my first Great Blue Heron. See it hatching in my Portfolio: Process.


The new year has been interesting so far in the studio. Karen Mahardy commissioned me to build stands for five of her beautiful new glass pieces which will be shown February 7th at D’Adamo Woltz Gallery in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. See two of them in my Portfolio: Commissions.


Fishing on the Flanders River was again productive this Thanksgiving weekend. I caught and will soon release two more spawning Coho salmon.


Lawrence Morrell just returned from the 2007 SOFA show where he exhibited his new piece “Meta-morph.” I helped him by building the steel base/frame. See this beautiful work of art in My Portfolio—Commissions.


I just finished and delivered three new Karen Mahardy blown glass sculptures to the Box this afternoon. Be the first on your block to own one of these beautiful hatchlings.


Thanks Eric Leonard of Springbox Gallery, for loaning me your fish patterns for my latest installation. The fall Chinook arrived in the Kelsey Creek watershed last weekend, along with some Coho and steelhead. Onlookers marveled at the sight. Some say this school was being chased by a killer whale. Other say that sea lions were the culprit. I suggest considering a third predator.


Happy Trails this Halloween from Copperpepper Productions!


Exciting times! Oregon Home Magazine is featuring the home and studio of Copperpepper Productions in their November-December 2007 issue. It was great fun working with the OHM staff on the feature, and I thank you all for your curteous and professional work.


Last night I delivered the frame to Lawrence Morrell for his sculpture “Earth Organism” which he will deliver to the 13 Moon’s gallery that represents him in Santa Fe, NM next week.


Fishing on the Flanders River was very productive this Labor Day weekend. See my portfolio: process for a shot of the caught-&-soon-to-be-released trophy Chinook.


Welcome to my new web site! For those who don’t know, I build metal art. Have a look at my portfolio and see.

My friend Adam built this site for me. He wanted me to share some technical bits. The text content is being parsed from text files using Textpattern’s Textile parser. My portfolio is being pulled from my flickr account using their API.

Thank you Adam, for all your help in designing and building my new CopperPepper Productions website! Best of luck to you in your new adventures!

As for the rest of you, I hope you enjoy the show….Jeff