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Portfolio: Process

2-Salt Native Steelhead Buck: This is a beautiful 10-pound native buck steelhead I had the pleasure of aquainting myself with on the John Day River just before Thanksgiving. Our guide called him a "2-salt" fish, meaning he spent two seasons out in the salt water before returning to spawn.

2-Salt: This is my rendering of Mr. 2-Salt out of 16-gage sheet #316 stainless steel.

Pecker Front fin: A recent front view.

Pecker Back: O. K. The back-plate remains to be designed and built.

Pecker Right Side: Piliated woodpecker in progress.

Pecker Side Flat: Piliated woodpecker in progress.

Pecker Top: Piliated woodpecker in progress.

Big Peckerhead: Stainless steel and copper piliated woodpecker head.

BeginningBike: Design phase.

bike process: More parts added.

sink qtr view: Ready for a faucet and a hand hammered copper switchplate cover.

Copper sink: Hammered 32 oz. copper bathroom sink (end view); 16" diameter basin with outer overflow trough. The counter top and back splash will be finished in granite tile.

sink fin: Finished copper sink ready for installation.

Great Blue Heron Design: Rendering the great blue heron on the fabrication table.

Torso: 64-oz. x 20" x 36" hammered copper torso, approx. 110% life-size.

torso process1: Torso layout sketch.

torso process2: Torso layout sketch.

Morrell1: Mild steel support for Lawrence Morrell's "Sofa chi" glass and steel lighted sculpture to be delivered to Santa Fe, NM October 15, 2007. See the completed work in New York soon.

torso process3: Copper torso after 8 hours of hammering.

NewSchool1: School of 3 Chinook, 4 Coho, and 3 stealhead. This commissioned piece is migrating this fall to Bellevue, Washington's Kelsey Creek Watershed. Much thanks to Eric Leonard (Springbox Gallery), who loaned me some of his patterns.

Torso cage: 3/16th's" x 1/2" copper bar stock, riveted and hammered to "clothe" torso.

NewSchool2: Close-up of 3 Chinook, 4 Coho, and 3 stealhead, (without fins). Thanks again, Eric!

Torso plus cage: "Clothed" or "Caged" torso.

45# Chinook: Large Chinook salmon taken on a dry size-#32 Polar Chub in the Flanders River.

Nest: Hand blown, hot-worked glass sculptures by Karen Mahardy, incubating comfortably in a feather bed nest. They are about to hatch. Catch one for yourself at Springbox Gallery later this fall.

CopperPepper home studio: Grinding with the doors open.

Hammering station: 40" section of MAX "light-rail" sitting on 3' x 3' round of ponderosa pine salvaged from the 2003 Davis Lake fire in central Oregon.

Conceptualizing: Playing with materials in the studio.