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Portfolio: Lighting

Mod-Lite: I had a whole lot'a fun installing this dining room ceiling light.

Mod-Lite2: Stainless steel pump housing base connected to a peice of pressed 14 ga. high-polished stainless sheet metal shade with French crystals hung by copper rivets.

Nebraska Lite 1: This bedroom ceiling light base, is a pump housing from a popsickle manufacturing plant. It's neck is of logging cable from the Quinalt Indian Reservation, and the shade I pressed from a 12" x 12" square of 18 ga. perforated steel. It is lit by a 40-watt clear candle bulb.

Nebraska Lite 2

Nebraska Lite 3

Ceiling Lite: Ceiling light parts to be installed in 100-yearold home in Nebraska.

Kitchen Nook Lite: The brass sink drain base is connected by rusted steel tubing rapped in 100-yearold barbed wire with four re-bar connections to a rusted rolled 3/16ths by 1-3/4" steel surround; the had-blown glass piece is hung by a black chain garter, lighted by a 40-watt halogen bulb within the tubing.

Stealth 3: Stainless steel kitchen sink light. Approx 22" by 10" with 110v halogen flood.

Stealth 2: Stainless steel 1-1/4" dia. cable with 126,000 pound break strength, deconstructed and wrapped around 1/2" copper tubing.

Stealth 1: Perforated steel lamp shade, pressed from four corners into three.

Lamp front: Mood Lamp: Stainless steel tubing and wire rope with hanging granitic rock in center. Approx. 28" tall with 40-w full spectrum 110-v halogen bulb.

sconce mapleleaf: Stainless steel and copper mapleleaf sconce, 12" x 16", with 40-watt clear lightbulb.

sconce pyramid: Stainless steel double pyramid sconce, 14" x 12" with 40-wat clear lightbulb (uninstalled).

Pyramid sconce: 16-Ga. stainless steel sheet and mesh, lighted with 40-watt clear bulb (installed).

Light long: Stainless steel mesh and louvered sheet-metal with six 40-watt lights.

Light trout chandelier: Stainless steel and copper cruising trout chandelier, 18" x 32".

Light bluemask: Stainless steel and copper wall mounting for blue art glass sconce.

Lit blown glass and stainless steel sculpture: Blown glass sculpture by Karen Mahardy. Base is lighted by 20-W full-spectrum bulb.