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Suicide Clutch: Strap in, and go for the ride of your life.

TheeBikePik: This is a Suicide Clutch Ride.

Bike2RtSide: Direct-drive chopper has what is called a suicide clutch.

Bike2ls: Direct Drive rear wheel with copper tire and planetary gears.

Bike2QtrRt: Suicide Clutch...Saddle-up! The operator fits the sling around his/her neck, then pulls back against the noose to dis-engage the clutch for shifting to the next gear.

The Bike: Clear-finished bike.

Midgemasked: Remember me? I'm Barbie's Bad-Girlfriend Midge. I LOVE THIS BIKE!!!!!!

MidgeRoddingleft: Midge cruising on Flanders street.


Sea lions