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GBH V: Recycled rebar and deconstructed logging cable are used to describe this six foot-tall great blue heron stalking food in a river.

Pecker & I: Me and my big Copperpepper cocked-head pecker at Springbox Gallery.

Pecker Gallery Rightside: Piliated woodpecker hanging out at Springbox Gallery.

Pecker Gallery leftside: This piliated woodpecker has a big heart.

Pecker Gallery backside: Piliated woodpecker hanging out at Springbox Gallery.

Pecker Perspective: This woodpecker is 6-feet tall. The wall is 10-feet high.

GPC 1: Male Greater Prairie Chicken (Tympanuchus cupido); Typanuchus is from the Greek word for drum, cupido is based on Cupid the god of Love in Roman history.

GPC 2: Copper, steel, stainless steel. The fleshy eyebrows and inflated sacs on the throat (called tympani) are hammered copper and the tail (butt feathers behind the tail) are unbraided stainless steel wire rope).

GPC Leftside: The feathers are made from 100-yearold barrel hoops, hand-cut to shape.

GPC Rtside: These birds number around 600,000 in the U.S. and are still fairly common in Nebraska and Kansas.

Big Spirit Hair #1: Hammered 40-oz. copper and 12-Ga diamond plate steel, first in the series. Approximately 18" x 24".

Big Spirit Hair #2: Second in the series. Approximately 17" x 25".

Big Spirit Hair #3: Third in the series. Approximately 18"w x 22"t.

Big Spirit Hair #4: Number four in the series. Approximately 24" x 24".

Blue beauty: Stainless steel Great Blue Heron approx. 56" tall.

GBH on porch: Stainless steel great blue heron approximately 56 inches tall. Made from all stainles steel: 1/4", 3/8", 9/16" rod; 1-1/8" pipe; 1/4" flat bar stock; 18 & 20 ga. sheet; 1-1/4" wire rope. (The expanded metal in the base is not stainless.)

Analemma gallery: Solar clock ready to install at Springbox Gallery.

GBH inside: Three-quarter view of great blue heron in the living room. (Sorry for the blurry camera-phone shot.)

Analemma gallery installed: Stainless steel solar clock installed at Springbox Gallery.

Objects 'D Art #1, 3, & 2: Three more of Karen Mahardy's blown glass sculptures have hatched, and can now be seen at Springbox gallery.

Torso: 64-oz. x 20" x 36" hammered copper torso, approx. 110% life-size.

Objects 'D Art #1, 3, & 2 bases: Cold forged stainless steel bases uniquely cradle Karen's beautiful glasswork.

Torso plus cage: "Clothed" or "Caged" torso.

Lit blown glass and stainless steel sculpture: Blown glass sculpture by Karen Mahardy. Base is lighted by 20-W full-spectrum bulb.

Stainless steel & blown glass sculpture: Blown glass sculpture by Karen Mahardy (6" x 24") on stainless steel stand (20" x 60")

Coho salmon--female head-on view.: Stainless steel 20" x 20".

Coho female

Coho (silver) salmon--male

Chinook (king) salmon--35 pounder: Stainless steel 14" x 34".

Chum (dog) salmon: Stainless steel with heat patina, 12" x 32".