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Portfolio: Home Furnishings

PlantStand1: Two simple re-bar plant stands for large-potted plants.

Copper Frontispiece: 72-oz copper sheet surrounds two 17.5" x 18.5" x 3/16" thick copper doors.

Copper Fireplace: An elegant solution to a Swedish stuga's fireplace needs.

Dish Rack Complete: Dish rack made from 18-ga. stainless sheet, stainless wire mesh, and stainless quarter-inch rod.

Dish Rack 3-pieces: The dish rack comes apart for easy cleaning in the dish washer. The silverware tray is removable for delivery to your silverware drawer, and is free-standing for easy unloading.

Full Veiw from South: Decorative landscaping fence separates the yard from the sidewalk in this SE Portland yard.

Full View from North: Hand hammered steel sheetmetal salmon and steelhead in a field of recycled concrete reinforcing mesh framed by heavey recycled re-bar. Quite sturdy.

Railings, Sali, Clyde: One-piece re-bar railings 18' long, with my helper and her helper.

Bike Rack & Railings: Salmon plate steel and re-bar bike rack with railings in background.

Bike Rack & Car: Chinook salmon bike rack, 3/16-inch plate steel with 1-1/8-inch re-bar posts.

Meg's Gate: Re-bar-framed floral garden art gate. The client provided me three floral panels to use in making her 10-foot wide rolling driveway gate.

Hat-Coat Rack: Simple 5/8" re-bar pieces with 4-foot diameter bends will gracefully hold hats and coats.

Copper Tray quarter view: Hand hammered 48 oz. 12" x 18" copper sheet with 3/16ths" x 1/2" copper bar-stock handles (with integral legs) hand rivited to tray.

Copper Tray side view: The live surface is polished to a low luster for easier long-term maintenance.

Copper Service Tray: This tray makes a nice service for two.

Copper Tray low side view: The tray stands approximately 1-1/2" high.

Fireplace Screen1: The natural steel frame was pinch-rolled and welded from behind to 1" re-bar sides. The fill is 1/2" square welded stainless steel mesh, copper rivited to the frame.

Fireplace Screen2

Fireplace Screen3

House numbers2: Quarter-inch thick steel hand-cut letters backed by stainless steel mesh.

House Numbers1: Quarter-inch thick steel hand-cut letters backed by stainless steel mesh.

Shelves bare: CD shelf rack made from recycled re-bar and CVG Douglas-fir 1" x 2" 's.

Shelves loaded: Shelves loaded with CD's and magazines. An I-Pod would render these shelves obsolete. Oh well, I would rather make the shelves than sit and "rip" CD's into the computer.

Planter Stands: These beautiful ceramic planters were made by friend Holly Davis of Bend, OR. I used recycled steel, re-bar, and cable to support them at eye-level. These will rust nicely in the yard, accenting hanging plants.

Cabinet Pulls: Individually cutt and hand hammered solid copper kitchen cabinet pulls.

Cabinet Pulls side: Half-inch thick copper handles with copper tubing shaft and pennies for washers to cover the mar left from removing the original handles.

Victrola2: Victrola stand, front view. Made with 3-mm thick steel. Approx. 18" by 24" at base and 4' tall with two shelves and four wheels.

Victrola1: 45-degree angle view.

Victrola3: Ready to get down and boogie tonight.

Shallow water: Kitchen stove back-splash. Hand hammered 24 oz. copper sheet: top piece is 14" wide by 20" tall; bottom piece is 12" high by 5 feet wide. Native annealed heat patina finish.

Happy Pot Rack: Happy client with hanging pot rack.

Rack with Pots & Pans: Pot rack loaded up.

Rack with Pans & Pots: Stainless steel pot rack with 12 hangers.

Panholder Front: 12 hooks will hold alot of kitchenware. The hooks are held out from the quarter inch thick stainless steel frame by Hime joints.

Beaver Tree 2: Torch carved 2" dia. tooling steel.

Flower: Recycled aluminum window shade louvers, re-bar, and 1/4" plate steel.

switchplate cover: 26-oz. copper 12" x 14" wide for 5-gang switchbox.

baseboards: 20 GA. x 8" stainless steel baseboards with copper leaves by Karen Mahardy. Ceramic leaves inlay-ed to chocolate slate floor by Marcy Ghan.

sink and backsplash: Recycled oldgrowth Douglas-fir frame, 26 oz. hammered copper sink, copper faucet fixtures, copper ingot inlays into absolute black granite backsplash and countertop, with San Juan Island, Washington beach gravel.

towel rack: Stainless steel cable towel rack, mounted to 7" x 72" 18 ga. stainless steel sheet.

screen door guard: Mild steel "drops" left over from laser cutting parts process. Idea created by Reed Rice.

fireplace w_screen: Stainless steel mesh with copper fireplace screen.

fireplace screen: Stainless steel and copper free-standing fireplace screen, cold fastened with copper rivets and wire.

Hat Rack: Stainless steel mesh, copper bar stock, and old logging railroad tressel spikes.

Nude Frame: Charcoal life drawing with stainless steel frame and copper rivets, 26" x 34".

Entertainment center: Re-bar and expanded metal 4-shelf entertainment center.

CandlePlatter2: Art glass by Karen Mahardy 8" high x 10" diameter with stainless steel base.