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Portfolio: Recent Work

SycamoreSociety: National Registry of Historic Trees; (drawn by Holladay Park resident).

Big O'l Sycamore: 100+ Year-old tree.

Sandhill Cut: Body cut from 1/2" thick SS plate.

Sanhill Flat Layout: Wings cut from 1/4" SS bar-stock.

Sandhill1: Bird mounted to base by 3/16" center-wrap of large SS cable.

Sandhill2: The cable is firm but flexible and bounces like a Sandhill during their mating dance.

Proud New Owners: Kate & Chuck received this for their 25th wedding anniversary on New Year's Eve 2016.

Sandhill: Installed happily in Omaha, Nebraska.

Before Installation: Stunning owner-built home in Pt. Townsend, WA before handrail installation.

Single main stair railing is 1-1/2" diameter rebar by 14' long with 4" deflection to match stair curb.

Porch Stoop: Happy new owners standing on front porch with double handrails.

After Installation: The installed railings add a nice finishing touch to the front entry way.

Heavey Load: Well over 900 pounds of organized steel in my Ranger.

Main Bed: Three-level main garden bed (16' x 40')

Strawberry Field: New bunny-fence owner standing next to strawberry field (5' x 8').

Happy New Owner: New bunny-fence owner happy to keep the little bunnies out of her garden.

Beginning (...or Big Wood #1): Strapped with a come-along for a year; tightened monthly.

Beginning2: Sealed wax face.

Beginning3: Let it sit for a year.

Trim1: Find an expert crosscut saw sharpener to use his saw and muscles to trim the edges (small edge is 32" dia.).

Trim2: Warmed-up from cutting small side; now for big one (36").

Jig1: Built router jig to cleanly surface the final half-sawn face.

Jig2: Routing the final face.

Trimmed-up1: First look at the fully trimmed piece.

Trimmed-up2: Half-sawn view of trimmed piece.

Trimmed-up3: 32" side (small cross-cut face).

Trimmed-up4: 36" side (large cross-cut face).

Trimmed-up5: Close-up of half-sawn face.

Sanded: Crosscut-large face.

Sanded1: Sanded and un-oiled.

Sanded&Oiled: Same as Sanded1 except Danish-oiled with natural finish.

Sanded&Oiled1: 32" (small-end) diameter crosscut face.

Sanded$Oiled2: 36" (large-end) diameter crosscut face.

Sanded&Oiled3: Half-sawn face; large end.

Sanded&Oiled4: Half-sawn and crosscut faces of large end.

Sanded&Oiled5: Crosscut-small face.

Stand1: Hanging-out while building support stand; note parts on table.

Stand2: 1-1/8" re-bar legs welded to bearing race clamp fabricated from 1/4" by 3" stainless steel bar-stock.

Stand3: Top-view. Bearing race clamp fabricated from 1/4" by 3" stainless steel bar-stock.

Stand4: Bottom-view. A 9" bearing race is clamped by the leg assembly.

Stand5: A 9" bearing race is clamped by the leg assembly where 4" pipe fits into inner bearing race with welded support are of 7/8" re-bar.

Stand6: 1-1/8" re-bar legs welded to bearing race clamp fabricated from 1/4" by 3" stainless steel bar-stock.











BrendaPieces: Metal structures for artist friend Brenda Mallory's artwork.

ChrisNKokanee: My friend Chris made a nice catch for her big Six-Oh.

MeNKokanee: Trophy Kokanee hammered-out and ready to release.

KokaneeDesign2: Trophy Kokanee design outlined in 24-oz. copper sheet.

FranTrellis: My neighbor Fran inspects the rose trellis.

KimNFranTrellis: My neighbors planted a yellow climbing rose to climb away.

Water Feature front: Re-bar frame with copper water box supplies ample rain cascading down cast iron grate into catchment below ground.

Water Feature from right: Lighting sends geometric shadows across garage wall.

Water Feature from left: Water feature provides cooling comfortable ambiance to back yard garden.

Copper Frontispiece: 72-oz copper sheet surrounds two 17.5" x 18.5" x 3/16" thick copper doors.

Copper Fireplace: An elegant solution to a Swedish stuga's fireplace needs.